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Selfies Are to Blame for Lice Spreading Selfies Are to Blame for Lice Spreading

Nowadays, high-quality mobile cameras and easy access to the social media have marked an upward trend in self-portrait pics — selfies. A selfie reveals a worldwide epidemic of ego trips as almost everyone wants to have a photo held at arm's length to have fun, show off or grab one's attention.

No wonder, the selfie craze may lead to a psychological addiction and the constant desire to take more and more self-pics. But perhaps, you will be surprised to discover that they appeared to pose a physical health hazard, as well.

Kursk's regional department of Rospotrebnadzor (a Russian government body responsible for human well-being) reported that it is namely a selfie that is behind a spread of lice in the country. According to the report, people willing to take a selfie have to cram together. A lack of considerable distance allows lice to easily jump from one head to another that is boosting the spread of parasites. As a result, Rospotrebnadzor prohibited people suffering from the infestation to go out and warns others against taking selfies.

How do you treat selfies?