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Shake Hands with The Cyborg Arm by Lego Shake Hands with The Cyborg Arm by Lego

Nowadays many people still remember how impressed they were two years ago when Max Sheppard introduced a Lego pneumatic arm with life-like motions. The arm was able to raise objects whose weight didn't exceed two pounds. Also, it could accurately pour you something to drink.

Today Lego has gone further and presented a wearable cyber arm called the Mark VI. It has become the sixth robot for Diavo Voltaggio, his creator. On designing the arm, he made use of Lego Mindstorms EV3, a complete toolkit for DIY (Do It Yourself) models. The Mark VI seems to be heavier, more sophisticated and complex than its five predecessors. However, it's stated that any user can try wearing the arm and easily controlling it.

The idea behind it is so simple: there are four buttons connected to motors that take control over these fingers. For instance, if you want to flex the limb, you only need to press the necessary button. To relax fingers, just release it. That is the way how you can shake hands with The Mark VI. Now Voltaggio is working hard to increase the number of its iterations for not-too-distant BrickFair, a Lego annual exhibition.