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Skype goes offline worldwide Skype goes offline worldwide

"Hey, is it just me or you cannot log into Skype too?" - probably one of the most frequently used phrases today. Millions of people across the world, who use Skype for personal and corporate needs were frustrated to find the popular service unavailable. And yes, it's still not working properly.

Basically, you can launch the client, but your status will be 'offline' and you won't be able to change it. Video and voice calls don't seem to work as well. Some users also report that they cannot send attachments, but luckily we still have a web version of the app up and running. Nevertheless, as it is still a beta, not all of the functions are available, including the abovementioned attachements. If you use Skype for work, you surely know how much work process depends on this feature. So, maybe it's time to switch to Hangouts? 

Well, Microsoft says they are doing their best to fix the issue, so let's hope for the best and wait for an update. If you are having difficulties logging in, try to launch Skype and log in through the web version. You can follow the official blog to keep track on the situation. If you are thinking of switching to a different IM client, you are welcome to check out one of the apps in the Referenced software section.