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The Internet of today is a lot more complex and diverse than the dial-up snail-fest that it was at its inception. Yet, for some reason, the age of high speed Internet seems to be lost on many users who complain about their Internet being too slow. That is because they use the wrong browsers – too heavy, poorly optimized or obsolete. But let's take a look at some of the browsers specifically made to be fast.

Avant Browser

Avant browserAvant browser

This browser is an odd case. It reminds me of a combination between the neat simplicity of Internet Explorer and the slick feature-rich glamor of Opera. But its main advantage is the fact that Avant is one of the fastest Internet browsers to date. It loads full pages quickly, downloads fast and even has a download accelerator.

Still, I wouldn't call Avant my first choice when it comes to speed, since it may feel a little clunky and old. Privacy is also a concern, since I contemplated adding Avant to the list of the best anonymous browsers, but decided against it. This is because, despite boasting great functionality, Avast seems more of a work in progress than a modern refined product. Which doesn't mean, however, that it anything less than good.

TheWorld Browser

TheWorld browserTheWorld browser

This one is different. It's a browser based on IE, but with design elements from Firefox. It's small and light, but this is the lightness of a lightweight boxing champion. TheWorld lets you browse amazingly fast due to its multithreading nature. It's especially good for browsing with multiple tables opened simultaneously, which normally slows the connection and loading speeds, but not in this case.

Unfortunately, like any lightweight, TheWorld can't really compete with heavyweights like Chrome or Firefox due to the difference in available additional features. Still, it's a competent little browser that could.



Here's a treat for Mac OS X and iOS users. This browser, originally developed for Apple systems, is pretty, feature-rich and fast. Of course, it takes a little time to get used to, but the effort pays off. Safari is pleasantly fluid in the way it handles browsing and loading pages.

However, speed was not the sole original focus of the developer, so, despite being fast, Safari is not spectacularly speedy. It's still faster than most.


Maxthon browserMaxthon browser

This browser is another one of those programs that seem to be based on a gimmick, but are actually pretty good. Maxthon is cloud-based, which makes it instantly faster and easier to handle in terms of upload, download and loading speeds. Its dual-core design and perfect support for HTML 5 give the browser a serious boost.

Unfortunately, Maxthon is another case of speed being a secondary objective. It's more suited for file sharing and some of the more interesting additional features. But its speed is still impressive.

UC Browser

UC BrowserUC Browser

Mobile browsers have a reputation for being a bit slow, since mobile Internet has only recently begun to take over from the computer-dwelling big brother. UC Browser is light, very fast and easy to use, in fact, it's easier than most browsers originating from mobile platforms, since it's been ported very well.

One thing I should warn you about when recommending UC Browser: don't expect anything too good. It's competent, it's fast, and it's nice-looking. Nothing more, nothing less.

Speed Browser

Speed BrowserSpeed Browser

This title speaks for itself. Speed Browser is a Chromium-based solution made specifically to be as fast as possible. It's free and rather poor on features aside from basic browsing, but what it does, it does amazingly good.

Lacking any advanced features is actually the point, since the developers basically took Chrome, stripped it of anything and everything that could possible slow it down and made this browser. Aside from being small and poor, Speed Browser can be unstable. But regular updates, great speed and the fact that it's free make up for all the flaws.


Of course, the browsers mentioned here are not the only ones for the task. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer can be quite the speed bandits; but they requires social attention, maintenance and work. Browsers for high-speed Internet, however, can just be opened and immediately provide all the speed you need. Just don't forget to check if your Internet speed is adequate.


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