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Twitter Launches Anti-Abuse Hub Named 'Safety Center' Twitter Launches Anti-Abuse Hub Named 'Safety Center'

Twitter is getting more and more involved in its commitment to stop online trolls, harassers and all other wrong-doers from abusing their clients. To that end, the social network has recently launched a hub, named 'Safety Center' where the user can find all of the available anti-abuse tool in a unified location. Furthermore, if you're unsure about how you should react in certain situations, you will also find various tips and advices about how to deal with the unsavory characters you meet online.

Safety CenterSafety Center

According to the official announcement, the company has been working with a large number of online safety experts “who continuously help us to promote good digital citizenship.” In case you were wondering, the Safety Center offers a wide variety tools designed to help teens, parents, educators, etc. prevent and stop the online abuse. Furthermore, the hub offers its users several links to simple functions which will help them take control of how they spend their time on Twitter. And lastly, the Safety Center also provides you with details about its new improved review process that should take less time and be swifter in dealing out its justice.

Being totally honest, since the now former CEO of the company, Dick Costolo, publicly admitted that Twitter "sucks at dealing with abuse" the social network has been working hard to remedy this issue. Just in the last couple of months, Twitter introduced tools that make it easier for people to report harassment to the police and the so-called quality filters which enable you to simply hide abusive tweets.

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