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Updated Play Music App with Songza Shadow Updated Play Music App with Songza Shadow

This summer Google acquired Songza app and now it's the first time they integrate the technology into Google Play Music service on Android, iOS, and the web. Now, when opening the app, Play Music subscribers find a new feature that asks them to choose songs for future playlist according to what time it is, as well as their mood, or what they’re likely to be doing at that very moment.

They will also see the song catalogs based on any activity, be it getting ready for work, sleeping, working out, walking, reading, studying, cooking, etc., designed to diversify the everyday routine. The picked items can be not only played through the app but also downloaded for offline listening with “see the next song” feature and so on.

"As part of this update," the official blog states, "we've also redesigned the 'Listen Now' page so you can more easily discover new music." This update allows you to always keep recently played music at hand, follow releases, and even keep up with what's in rotation on radio stations. Furthermore, the app now shows more bright and colorful pics and even slick translation.

Google assures us that dozens of experts (including DJs and ethnomusicologists) were employed to compose playlists in Google Play Music. The app is available at no charge during a 30-day trial. After this period the streaming-music service costs $10 per month for ad-free listening.