YouTube Supports 8K Videos YouTube Supports 8K Videos

Although the equipment suitable for shooting and playback of 8K videos is not that widespread today, Google's video sharing platform is ready for 4320p resolution. Earlier today a video called Ghost Towns was spotted on YouTube and yes, it is in 8K. The video, however, was shot with a 6K camera and then processed with Adobe After Effects. If you are using Chrome or Safari, you can watch the video below, but it is most likely to glitch like hell or crash your browser if you try to run it on mid-range equipment. Still you can check it out in the good not-that-old 4K quality with no problem.

Google responded to 9to5Google, saying that the support for 8K videos has been out there since 2010. We made a quick search and found out that one of the first 8K videos uploaded to YouTube dates back to 2013. The user who uploaded the video states that it was reduced to 1440p as there was no support for 8K at that moment. Check out the description under this video. Other 8K videos that we managed to find were uploaded this spring. So, we cannot say for sure when exactly the feature rolled out, but the fact is, YouTube does support 8K and this is awesome.

If you wonder whether you can buy an 8K camera or a monitor with a 4320p resolution, then you'll have to wait at least until the end of 2015 as most of the devices like RED 8K Weapon Vista Vision or Sharp's 85" 8K LCD TV won't be available for regular customers anytime soon.