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ATHOS Workout Clothes to Replace Your Personal Trainer

'Having a perfect body is a must!' is the motto the modern size-zero era is aimed at despite everything. Thus and so, you surely ever (at least once) visited a gym and worked out with all your might to gain an ideal figure. All fine and dandy, but most often training on your own isn't that effective as you could do an exercise wrong and, therefore, make your muscles work by fits and starts. Now with ATHOS Gear, you don'tneed to worry about that: the workout attire will track muscle function and activity, improving your performance.

Started by two students from the University of Waterloo, Athos is a Silicon Valley startup company that decided to take care of the avid sportsmen and created workout gear with embedded muscle-tracking sensors to monitor all aspects of your training. The idea of the 'smart' workout clothing is to obtain information from 22 muscle groups of your body and provide it to a wearable unit called the Core, which interprets the data and sends it to your mobile device for final analysis. ATHOS App in its turn shows a user the effectiveness of an exercise, which muscles are working during certain workouts, details about his/her balance; and warns whether he/she in an improper workout or posture.

You can get ATHOS Gear (pants or shirts) for $99, while the Core device costs $199. All Gear items are gender specific, machine washable and come with secret pockets to store things.


Yulian Rohmy

For sure, I want one!

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