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Gab.ai service advocates the freedom of speech for Web users

Gab.ai is a Web service that aims at providing Internet users with almost total freedom of expression. The website was launched less than a month ago and has already gained a lot of popularity. User censorship is a well-known issue that occurs often on Web services, such as Twitter or Facebook, and you may never know why exactly the shared content was removed from the Web. Gab.ai's purpose is to offer you a platform where the freedom of speech is a real thing.

The first thing you need to do is to register on the Gab.ai website. You will need to enter a valid email address and their support team will contact you for registration. The website has several features that can be found on the Reddit webpage, such as the ability to follow other users, up-vote or down-vote posts, etc.

The limits for the freedom of speech on this Web service are quite reasonable. For instance, you cannot express threats of violence or any kind of harassment, post illegal pornography, and so on. Hopefully, the Gab.ai website will make a bigger impact on the social media and gain more users who wish to avoid any unnecessary censorship.

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