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Instagram now lets you reply back-and-forth with photos

Instagram has just announced that Instagram Direct (its private messaging service) now offers threaded messaging and support for sending content directly from your feed as a private message. Basically what this means is that from now on you won't have to start a new conversation whenever you reengage a friend that you commonly talk to (but will simply pick up where you left off). Furthermore, there's a new option which allows you to quickly take a selfie and use it as a reply to the message that you received. If this sounds incredibly familiar, it's because Snapchat already provides this kind of functionality and, since it's working, Facebook's photo sharing service decided to add it as well.

Instagram Direct updateInstagram Direct update

Additionally, this latest update also makes it easier for you to show the interesting things that you find online to your friends and start conversations about them. Up until this point, the users were doing this by "@-mentioning friends in comments" but, from now on, every post will have a little arrow icon under it (next to the like and comment icons) which will make things easier. Tapping the respective arrow will allow you to send the post to a friend or an entire group and it will appear as a part of your conversations.

The Instagram app version 75 (the one which brings all these changes) is already available on Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. If you're interested in reading the entire official announcement posted on Instagram's Blog page, click on this link.

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