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Pushbullet adds a new feature called 'Remote Files' Pushbullet adds a new feature called 'Remote Files'

Pushbullet has recently added a new tool called Remote Files, which will allow you to remotely copy any file from your PC to your Android device and vice-versa. At the moment, this feature only works on Windows and Android, but the company stated that it plans to extend its availability to other platforms as well. Of course since this is a remote a function, both devices need to be powered on and have a working Internet connection. Unfortunately, even though this is a pretty cool feature to have, the fact that the computer needs to be permanently available and online makes it slightly less effective than the use of cloud storage services.

The way Remote Files works is pretty simple: it allows you to browse all the files on your PC from your Android smartphone and the other way around. When you've found the item(s) that you needed, you can copy it (them) to your current device with a simple push of a button. The good news is that the feature is available for both the free and the paid subscription models, the difference being that those who don't pay for their account will only be able to copy a limited number of files.

Remote FilesRemote Files

For those of you who aren't familiar with the topic, Pushbullet is a very handy service which allows you to transfer a lot of your phone's functionality directly from your desktop. What's really great is that the tool is constantly being updated with new features. Five months ago Pushbullet got a new UI and a messenger feature, three months ago the service improved its texting functionality, while two months ago the tool's security got enhanced with end-to-end encryption.