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Telegram launches Telegraph, an anonymous blogging platform

Telegram, the popular messaging service that focuses on security and privacy, has just announced the launch of a new blogging platform called Telegraph. The website provides you with a very easy way to anonymously create basic blog pages that you can share as links with your friends. However, Telegraph pages work best with the Telegram app itself and its new Instant View layout that allows the users to view the content directly inside the app.

In case you're curious about how things work, it's actually very easy: simply go to the Telegraph page and create your post. The options are pretty limited, so all you can do is add a title, enter an author name (you can leave it blank if you want to), and then type in the post itself. The interface lets you add images, embed links and use a few formatting options such as Bold, Italic, etc. The fact that this platform is anonymous also has a downside: if you lose a link to a post that you created or that was sent to you, you won't be able to find it again as there aren't any usernames, there is no history, nothing to help you track it back again. Let me warn you about one thing though: the anonymity that Telegraph offers isn't bulletproof, so even though other regular users can't see who created a post, law enforcement may be able to do so.

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