The Dark Side of Google I/O The Dark Side of Google I/O

With so much new stuff presented at Google I/O, there was quite a lot of noise all around San Francisco yesterday. Yet not everyone was shouting with joy. Claudia Tirado, an elementary school teacher, entered the Moscone Center during Google I/O and started to shout outrageously: «Google is evicting me from my house! Jack Halprin is a millionaire! He is evicting me and my family from my house!» Jack Harplin is a lawyer at Google who was accused of taking advantage of the Ellis Act, to evict people living in the Mission District; and Claudia Tirado was one of his 'victims'.

Claudia Tirado encourages Google to develop conscienceClaudia Tirado encourages Google to develop conscience

A bit later, a man who doesn't want to be named stood up and interrupted Urs Holze's presentation yelling: «You all work for a totalitarian company that builds robots that kill people!» Things were even more tense outside the Moscone Center. There was a protest action against Google's economic impact on San Francisco, organized by and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. People started picketing early in the morning and then went on a march. Master Yoda and other Star Wars characters joined the protesters.

Another 'teacher' is against GoogleAnother 'teacher is against Google

A separate demonstration, organized by the Occupy Google movement, took place near the 'Evil Empire's' HQ. There people gathered to protect Net neutrality.

Protesters near the headquartersProtesters near the headquarters

Google was OK with the demonstration during the day, but asked the protesters to leave the campus at night. When they refused, the security called the police. Ten people were arrested for trespassing.