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Twitter's Vine Introduces Vine Kids Twitter's Vine Introduces Vine Kids

Today, small children use mobile devices as real pros. But with the opportunity comes threat, and in case with the Internet it is exposure to inappropriate or adult content. And this is especially true for the ever-growing Vine community. The 6-second videos are extremely popular not only among kids, or, perhaps, primarily not among kids. One of the most important factors, of course, is the explicit content of certain videos.

Vine wants to make the community wider and making the platform more appropriate for kids is of vital importance. Nevertheless, instead of introducing an even more strict filter, Vine decided to release a standalone app – a decision that would please both the moralists and those who don't mind a strong word for the sake of a good joke.

The feed of Vine Kids will consist of handpicked clips, mostly with animals and different cartoon characters. The iOS version is already available for download, with the Android app coming soon. Another question is whether kids are supposed to be using smartphones and tablets without parental control at such age, but this is a different story.

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