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Ultra-Thin Headphones With Printed Electronics Ultra-Thin Headphones With Printed Electronics

Most of us tend to think about headphones as of something bulky. And it's no wonder with all the electronics the manufacturers need to squeeze into the speaker to make it produce decent sound. Naturally, there are plenty of mid-range headphones that are not as huge as, say, Sennheizer HD 630VB, but they are still no match (in terms of size) to the headphones we are going to tell you about today.

The device was presented about a week ago during New York Design Week by Maxime Loiseau. At the moment the prototype doesn't have a name, but the main thing is that it works; and, according to Designboom, the sound it produces is no worse than that of a regular headphone speaker. The technology that was used for the production of the headphones is called 'roll to roll' and, basically, allows to 'print' an electronic circuit instead of using wires. The speaker itself works through the vibration of a small piezoelectric cell. The overall size of the speaker is just one millimeter; plus the regular covering makes it about 5-10 mm thick.

The prototype shows that technology today can provide us with quality equipment without throwing huge amounts of resources for production, which results in a high price tag. Hopefully, the headphones designed by Maxime Loiseau will one day appear on the market.

If you want to learn about other works of Maxime Loiseau, visit his website.



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