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YouTube Announces a Load of New Features for Creators YouTube Announces a Load of New Features for Creators

Yesterday, at the VidCon video convention, YouTube unveiled its plans for making the lives of video creators much easier. The company makes the platform even more attractive and fan-friendly. So let's have a look at the contents of this refresher.

Let's start with the highlight of the update, which is the new YouTube Creator Studio app. It gives the users a quick and convenient access to their channel, allowing to view stats, respond to comments and get customized notifications. To put it shortly, the app makes channel management a tasty piece of cake. Creator Studio is now live for Android and is going to hit iOS in a couple of weeks.

YouTube has also uploaded an impressive amount of sound effects to the Audio Library, which will save you the effort of recording your own samples of glass shatter sounds. So you no longer need to break your grannie's favorite tea-set to get more likes, though this makes the process of making a video less funny.

The platform will also support 60 fps videos to make gamers as happy as clams. Have a look at the Titanfall game footage. It looks really awesome.

There are also two very cool features that should encourage fans to make contributions to their favorite channels. Now they may either support their creators financially (this works pretty much like KickStarter) or submit subtitles to make a video available for a greater audience. The latter is really useful, as automatic translation and speech recognition features quite often give a very bizarre output. Just try to switch on the subtitles on one of my favorites.

The new service will also feature info cards (a neat substitution to annotations), and new ways to organize playlists.

All the features are gradually rolling out and if you can't wait for the fan funding thing, you are welcome to sign up for a beta test here.

Source: YouTube Creators Blog


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