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Addicted to Your Phone? Checky Will Tell You Addicted to Your Phone? Checky Will Tell You

I have a simple question: how many times did you check your phone in the last 24 hours? It may seem like a lot, but currently, the average number of times people check their phones in a day is 23. Do you think you do it more or less than that? Checky is a new app that can give you precise information on the subject and help you figure out if your phone addiction is getting better or not.

Checky is a smartphone app that works on iOS as well as on Android powered devices. The application will track your location, count the exact number of times that you've checked your phone and then give you a total number. Furthermore, it displays the number of times you checked your mobile at each location that you've visited in the respective time frame. The positive thing is that even if it constantly runs in the background, Checky is designed to drain just a small percentage of your battery.

While the counting function may be interesting for a couple of days, the location tracking is what actually makes this app really cool. Why? Because I'm getting tired of going out with my friends and trying to have a conversation while they check their phones every two minutes. If you spend a lot of time on your mobile while in transit (not while you are driving), that's perfectly OK, but if you do it when you're supposed to socialize with you friends or have some family time, that might turn out to be a problem for you as well as for those around you.

Checky is a free app, but it constantly displays a banner that advertises the developer's meditation app. Because meditating alone instead of constantly checking your phone is much better... for some reason.

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