Easy Keyboard Navigation for FireFox Easy Keyboard Navigation for FireFox

If you use the Firefox browser, then you probably are already acquainted with switching between tabs by means of not only a mouse but also a keyboard. It supports switching focus to the tab bar, which enables you to move or toggle between tabs. When your hands are on the keyboard, it's obviously more convenient to perform navigation exactly from the keyboard, not with a mouse.

Ctrl + D to Bookmark PaheCtrl + D to Bookmark Page

To switch tab bar focus, you need to press a Tab key. It implements focus transmission to the next form element in any app. In other words, to switch the tab bar focus, just press it when the focus is in browser search panel or double press when it's in the address bar. And as there is no key sequence for direct focus switching, it's easier to use a Ctrl+K search panel and Tab next element combinations. Now switch between tabs sufficiently with left (Up) – a previous one, right (Down) – the next one. The tabs switching in browser window is available with Ctrl+Left(Up) – to the left and Ctrl+Right(Down) – to the right.

There is no need to learn these combinations for hours, I'd like to submit for your kind attention a list of primary Mozilla FireFox at-hand shortcuts that I hope will simplify your everyday virtual life. So, voilà.

Open your Page

It's time to forget about endless mouse scrolling when searching the information on the page. Now go up and down the screen pressing Page Up and Page Down buttons. To scroll to the bottom, use End; and to go up to the very top, press Home.

Ctrl + Shift + P for Private BrowsingCtrl + Shift + P for Private Browsing

If you need to save a page or something, please use a Ctrl+S combination and print with Ctrl+P. Need to Zoom In/Out? Press Ctrl '+' or '-' respectively. To reset Zoom just push Ctrl+0.

To navigate the page, use some simple combinations. Alt+ or Ctrl+[ push you back and Alt+→or Ctrl+] allow you to go back. You often need to go back to the Home Page, press Alt+Home to see it. If you need to open an important file, be brave to hold Ctrl+O. Don't forget to reload the page with F5 or Ctrl+F5 (override cash). To stop any action press Esc.

Edit your page

Let's have a look at editing features that are accessible without a mouse click in Mozilla FireFox browser. I'll list them to simplify your perception.

Copy                               Ctrl+C
Paste                              Ctrl+V
Paste as a plain text      Ctrl+Shift+V
Cut                                 Ctrl+X
Delete                            Del
Redo                              Ctrl+Shift+Z
Select All                       Ctrl+A
Undo                              Ctrl+Z

Find out on your page

Very often we need to find a word, an extract or a sentence in the whole text or on the web page. To help you do this without clicking, I just note 3 simple combinations: Find with Ctrl+F, Find Again with F3 or Ctrl+G, and Find Previous with Shift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+G.

Tabs & Windows Finally

Endless switching between tabs is an every day part of job/learning. Great thinkers have already puzzled over this task. Thank them for letting us shifting solely by means of the keyboard. Here are some magic combinations to again simplify the reading process and again in the form of a list.

New Tab                                    Ctrl+T
New Window                             Ctrl+N

Close Tab                                  Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 (apart from app tabs)
Close Window                           Ctrl+Shift+W or Alt+F4

Next Tab                                    Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Page Down
Previous Tab                             Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+Page Up

Move Tab to the Left                 Ctrl+Shift+Page Up
Move Focus to the Right          Ctrl+Shift+Page Down

Undo Close Tab                        Ctrl+Shift+T
Undo Close Window                 Ctrl+Shift+N

Select Tab 1 to 8                      Alt+1 through 8
Select Last Tab                        Alt+9

Note: You can easily arrange your shortcuts with Customizable Shortcuts extension.

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