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iOS Apps for the Creative Mind iOS Apps for the Creative Mind

Being creative and ambitious is good, but having great tools to help you bring your ideas to life is necessary. Here are some iOS apps that can help you express yourself.

FL Studio Mobile HD

FL Studio Mobile HDFL Studio Mobile HD

FL Studio was popular when it was only released for Windows, but the developers have done a good job adapting it for the iOS mobile platform, so it feels quite natural to make professional music in the comfort of a couch by just touching buttons and checking boxes. You have the ability to port your projects to the desktop version of the software to "take it to the next level". 



You may never know what possibilities your device actually carries until you get out of your comfort "I'm good with what's pre-installed" zone and try something new. This app lets you take full control of your camera and tweak settings you might have never guessed were there. Better photo quality with 6x zoom, Clarity, Horizon Level - these are only a few features to look forward to. 

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui SketchesTayasui Sketches

If you like to draw and have fun with it - Tayasui Sketches is something that will give you the tools to do that for free (there's also a pro version, though). It's intuitive and beautiful, you can easily switch from charcoal to felt pen and pencil and create amazing drawings. You can import photos and "roll with the flow", just sketching it up.