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LG's Rolling Bot is the purrfect toy for your cat LG's Rolling Bot is the purrfect toy for your cat

Judging by the cat-shaped curvature in the bed, my cat sleeps the entire time while I'm at work. This means that when I get home and all I want to do is change into more comfortable clothes and relax, it keeps meowing looking for attention and someone to play with. At this year's Mobile World Congress expo, LG might have just shown the perfect solution for this issue: a rolling bot which can be controlled locally or remotely with the help of your smartphone.

LG's Rolling BotLG's Rolling Bot

The most fun phone accessory that I've seen in the entire exposition, LG's Rolling Bot was originally designed as a home safety device, which you can move around your house and that provides a live stream to help you check if everything is OK. The device is actually a sphere which rolls around on command and which comes equipped with a camera and a laser pointer. However, I don't believe that your cat (or dog for that matter) will care too much about the bot's original purpose. Instead, they will most likely think that it's that the most awesome toy ever, especially since you can remotely instruct it to turn on the laser pointer and move it around. As far as I'm concerned, if LG does one more thing and changes the colors of its Rolling Bot to match the ones that BB-8 (Star Wars reference) sported, it will end up with one of its best selling products ever.

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