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Meet Tzoa, The Wearable That Helps You Take Air-Quality Readings Meet Tzoa, The Wearable That Helps You Take Air-Quality Readings

Are you worried that the air quality in your area may be damaging to your health? Tzoa is a new gadget that can give you precise information about the surrounding environment and even help you find alternative solutions in case the data you are getting is alarming. This wearable is designed to go on your jacket, bag or backpack and not on your wrist or other body parts.

Unlike other wearables which are mostly designed to measure what happens within your body, Tzoa gathers information about what's happening around you. This wearable can calculate and display the air-quality in your immediate surrounding. One of the coolest things about the gadget is the fact that it is social. This means that it uploads its readings to a cloud, so it can create an air-quality map of your city, showing the most polluted areas and allowing you to find cleaner routes for your commutes or better parks to hang out.

Tzoa is also a good companion to have around if you decide to go to the beach. The wearable can measure the UV levels, thus helping you decide if you need to spend a bit more time in the sun, or find shade as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the device is also capable of determining the air humidity levels so that you can assess how comfortable you will be if you spend a lot of time outdoors.


In order to give you all the data and the aforementioned map, the wearable pairs up with an app that will work on Android as well as on iOS devices. Besides displaying the measured information, the mobile application will also give you solutions for your current situation. For example, Tzoa will instantly figure out when you've lit your fireplace or a few candles and will advise you to open a window in case the space you're in has ventilation issues.

At the moment, Tzoa is gathering funds by means of a Kickstarter campaign. If everything goes according plan, the product will ship in August 2015 and will cost around $130. For more information on the matter, visit this link.