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Google+ Adds a Custom Gender Option Google+ Adds a Custom Gender Option

Google announced a new update for the Google Plus social network. Now it adds a so-called 'custom' gender option the user can go for to the existing list of Male/Female/Decline. This idea is not really a novelty as Facebook has already given its users more freedom in that regard. But while the latter social network only lets you select from a wide list of prepared options, Google+ went forward and decided to simply put a free-form textbox.

Furthermore, in the 'Please refer to me as' section you will see possible ways people should be addressing you in on G+. It will be a pronoun that everyone ought to use while communicating with you. As it's not hard to guess, there are 3 variants to choose from: male, female and other.

“For many people, gender identity is more complex than just 'male' or 'female',” - Bennett said in a Google+ post, “I’m proud to announce that Google+ will support an infinite number of ways to express gender identity, by giving you the option to customize the way your gender is represented on your profile.”

To ensure a high level of privacy, developers provided intact settings that allow for hiding custom information from a group of people. It seems like Google is trying its best to make users feel more comfortable.

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