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Netflix launches the Fast.com speed testing service

Netflix has probably had enough with users complaining about the quality of their services and have decided to launch a new site that will allow people to test their Internet speeds and perhaps shift the blame to their Internet providers. Fast.com is a website that helps users determine how fast they can download the videos that they want to watch from Netflix. It's very easy to use and completely free, so everyone can access it at any time.


Unlike the regular Internet speed-testing websites that I've shown you in the "All you need to know about testing your Internet speed" article, Fast.com works directly with Netflix's servers, so the results will be accurate only for the video-sharing service. Furthermore, you will also notice that the website will only tell you the download speed without providing any additional information such as ping, latency, jitter, etc. That's because Netflix wanted to keep this as simple as possible and not turn it into "network engineer's analysis and diagnostic suite". Lastly, another big difference from other similar services is that Fast starts calculating your speed automatically as soon as you enter the website and doesn't wait for you to actually activate it.

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