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They say there's always room for improvement. No matter if you graduated from university or are still hitting the books, these online resources will reveal some noteworthy information to help you learn more in several non-adjoining fields. On these websites, you are to spend time relaxed with your family or assist in work to humanitarians, designers, coders, etc. If you are interested in self-education, welcome too.



Did you know that the average reading speed is 200 WPM? It's the amount of words we can pronounce aloud per minute. But our inner voice 'reads' faster since the comprehension comes in our subconsciousness. ReadSpeeder offers a methodology that helps you increase the speed and train to read the whole sentences per one sight. It only requires a free registration and starts teaching with well-liked books, like Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland. The detailed step-by-step instructions won't let you get confused. You will also be able to track your activity by checking the stat of WPM that will tell you how fast you read and the Concentration Score that will tell you about your visualizing and concentrating on the ideas vs the words.



It is stated on the ExamTime website that by visiting it you can create, share, and discover resources. Having spent some time on their page, I can confirm that it's really a deep source of new interesting and relevant information. The best thing is that the Mind Maps, Quizzes, and Flashcards are created by ordinary users (a sort of allusion to Wikipedia but in an illustrated manner). The website tracks your learning progress to motivate you. So you can both study and teach. I've paged through French Flashcards as I've been studying it to refresh my memory. Cool and useful. Advise.



If you've no idea (like me) what the code is or how it functions, but would like to, you are welcome. Learn how to code with this website. There are 3 categories to choose from: Job skills, Specific languages, or Something else. They give you a chance not only to build your own website, but also learn HTML&CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby languages or make a Rails app. The conveniently placed tool tips and drop-downs on Codeacademy wil help you navigate the website easier.



CliffsNotes is a set of study guides that have been and are being created by teachers and professors to ease your homework torment and help you get better prepared for classes or tests. It is used as a tool for better literature perception. "Opinions expressed in the CliffsNotes aren't rigid dogma meant to discourage your intellectual exploration. You should use them as starting points to open yourself to new methods of encountering, understanding, and appreciating literature,” Cliff Hillegass, the creator and publisher of CliffsNotes said.



The online page can't claim to be one of the most well-designed or bright ones but it doesn't impact the website's usability. It's extremely informative and it completely substitutes the lack of the front beauty. This website with laconic black and white interface should be tabbed on the computer of every English-speaking user. Once you type a word or a phrase, it presents a wide range of dictionaries that have posted information about it. It's not difficult to find a reliable source but it becomes a problem when it comes to complicated words or phrases. OneLook confirms its name since my expectations have been fulfilled and I could look at a list of dictionaries after one click.



This is an interesting page that I've found and would like to share with you. It looks like a browser but it isn't. The website functions like a computational knowledge engine. It is stated there that it generates output by making computations from its internal knowledge database (not from the World Web). It brings versatile knowledge to everyone. For example, I entered my beloved 'French' word in a search tab and instantly saw a number of speakers, language codes, writing system, language representation (important since it has additional symbols like â), countries using French as the official language, and even basic vocabulary. You don't need to register – it's a plus. The copy/paste function is troubled – it's a minus. If you are impressed anyway and are even willing to contribute – go here to check for details.

A piece of information for autodidact designers in the end. I'm pretty sure you have a whole list of specialized websites for creating color schemes, but if not – have a look at It is aimed at matching colors for a future website/app/home walls. The preview templates do a great part of job for you by showing almost ready products. There aren't lots of functions but the website does its best. Practice your skills or learn from the very beginning.

Thanks for sharing great information, it realy helps.

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