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Text-based Cat Petting Simulator Will Make You Purr Text-based Cat Petting Simulator Will Make You Purr

Even if you're one of those people who prefer dogs, you probably know that very few feelings in the world can compare to petting a fluffy, purring cat. But what do you do when you feel like receiving some feline affection, but there's no kitty around to pet? Cat Petting Simulator is a fun game that can help you in these situations.

What's really interesting is that the entire game is text-based. I've never seen a cat game without any images, so it was a real novelty for me. Furthermore, the story is really well written and after just a few lines it pulls you in, making you believe that you've got a real cat in front of you. Furthermore, as far as I got to see, the only thing you know about the cat is that it's a Calico, so everything else is up to your imagination, including the softness of its fur (and the amount of moulting).

This multiple-ending fiction game is based on the reactions of the author's pet so no matter what you do, you will constantly feel like your playing with a real cat that actually loves you. To further personalize your in-game experience, you can name the cat however you want to. There is even a point where you get to the not-so-pleasant aspects of owning a pet, when the cat is protesting about the state of its litter box and you end up cleaning after it. I didn't have enough time to play too much, so I'm not sure if the story has an ending or if it's just looping, but I liked the fact that you can save your progress, so you don't need to redo all your previous choices, and that you can restart game any time you want to in case you ended up in the wrong place.

The Cat Petting Simulator is a free browser-based game, so all you need is a working Internet connection to start playing. If you want to try it out, click on this link.