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An Easier Way to Deal with Mathematical Equations: PhotoMath

If you are in school, you surely know how painful the math homework can be. It's time-consuming, repetitive and always gets in the way of you hanging out with your friends. PhotoMath is a fresh app that is capable of automatically solving math equations, so you no longer have to.

PhotoMath works like this: you use your phone's camera to capture the equation that you want solved (like you see in the photos), and the app will automatically give you the answer. Furthermore, it can also describe the steps it took to find the result, thus teaching you how to solve the equation by yourself for those situation when you can no longer rely on the app. The explanations are in human language, easy to understand and to follow.

The app can work with fractions, square roots, powers, arithmetic expressions, decimals, fractions and linear equations. At the moment, PhotoMath runs only on iOS and Windows Phone platforms. As far as we know, an Android version is currently in the makings and will be released in the first months of 2015.

The biggest downside for this app is that it doesn't work with hand-written equations, so if you have to copy the problem from somewhere, PhotoMath will no longer be able to help you. I think this app could be a blessing and a curse. As much as it pains me to admit it, homework does serve a purpose even if we hate it. Abusing PhotoMath could result in you falling behind in class, so you should think twice before having your exercises automatically solved.



Selda Ademi

I like PhotoMath.

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Guest #34916846

Really usefull!

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