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Here Selfie-Notifies People You Are Here

In spite of the fact that nowadays more and more programs appear to be equipped by versatile features for bundling services, this app serves as a single purpose one.

Here is entitled like that to notify a person that you've arrived with a selfie. Please don't confuse it with Android maps and navigation platform of the same name.

The app noticeably simplifies the notification process. It makes it easier to inform people who are supposed to be in the know of your whereabouts that you have successfully arrived at the place of your destination. Here appears as a push notification or an automatically sent e-mail to all those who are on the list.  To activate a notification, just choose an address book contact or click the Here button, tap a calendar and choose a meeting from the schedule, then every attendee is going to see you've arrived.

The developers state that the selfie announcement app is also suitable for “baby arriving, airport arrival, and gap-year students announcing to their parents they’ve arrived in Thailand.”

Here took them 5 days to develop, hope it won't disappear that fast.