How to Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life How to Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life

The more functionality your smartphone comprises, the sooner it runs out of juice requiring at least one charge per 24 hours. This is patently the most disappointing flaw of today's pocket-sized computers, especially when yours is so power-hungry that it isn't quite lasting the day. Still, don't lapse into despair. Here are some unsophisticated tips on battery maintenance that should extend your smartphone battery life.

Set Display Brightness

Lower Brightness levelLower Brightness level

It's obvious at this point, that the display is by far the largest drain on your device power. The bigger and brighter your screen, the more of the battery life it is eating up. So, by turning down the brightness level and decreasing the screen timeout, you'll enable your smartphone to last that extra hour you may really need later.

Keep an Eye on Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

It's great if your phone features Wi-Fi and other like stuff, but keeping it activate all the time would waste your battery noticeably fast. To avoid this, just turn off Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth until you're going to use them. Thus, your phone will stop sniffing out and trying to connect to every Wi-Fi signal in the area, while you will have it alive much longer.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Apps

Delete all the unused appsDelete all the unused apps

Unfortunately, it's impossible to always follow up what is running in the background sucking the most juice of your handset battery. That's why, tidy up your phone and delete all the unused and old applications that with all the multi-tasking and self-uploading features may affect your battery life.

Keep It Cool

The worst enemy of every smartphone battery is heat. Of course, I'm not talking about keeping it in the fridge, still that is just the point that enduring hot periods lower lithium-ion batteries' efficiency with time. So, keep it in mind and exclude long stays in hot cars, for instance, or buy a mini-fan for your lovely phone.

Use Power Saving Mode

Another method to prevent your device running out of power is to apply power saving mode. Being built in almost every modern smartphones, it increases the standby time of your phone by shutting off certain features and background activities upon reaching a low battery percentage. Although, the mode limits the phone to its most basic functions – making calls and texting – with it you can squeeze some extra hours before it goes to zero.

Never Go to Zero

Leave your phone a little bit of juiceLeave your phone a little bit of juice

Avoid frequent full discharges, as this is the most efficient way to detain the battery aging. Whenever smartphone battery gets too low, it becomes seriously unstable. Lithium-ion batteries are initially designed to be charged early and often, so leaving it a little bit of power will definitely work in your favor.

What other tips do you apply?


It's very useful!

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Connect your phone to the charger while working with it or, even better, buy such a phone that would give you a good life time.

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Dinesh Kumar

Do not fully charge your phone. Set a limit as 80% and connect to charger when it goes to 20% extend your battery life.

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It's very useful.

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Lower brightness level is a very important point and it also protect our eyes from drynees. Mega_shok

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Very useful tips, thanks. Smile

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