Mark Zuckerberg's Night Out... Mark Zuckerberg's Night Out...

It must be awesome to be Mark Zuckerberg right about now. I mean if you just take a look at his life the week of May 14-20, you will see how glamorous this 28 year old dude’s life is!

Mark was born on May 14, 1984, which means on May 14th of 2012 he turned 28. A Monday before last he was celebrating his birthday and I am sure he made sure it was one of his best birthdays ever. Because only a few days later on May 18th of 2012 his company went public at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (the New York time) earning his company 104 billion U.S. dollars! Mark retained about 55 percent of the stocks, so he will continue being in charge of the company and filthy rich. Right before the "most successful" IPO in history of NASDAQ, Mark addressed his employees by saying: “Our mission isn’t to be a public company… Our mission is to make the world more open and connected.” This is a truly great mission, but I will come back to it in just a few moments. After the IPO, Mark runs off to his girlfriend’s “graduation party”, where he marries her. Wait, what?

Mark and Priscilla Chan, now I assume Zuckenberg, were together for the longest time ever. He has patiently waited for her to finish her medical school on the West coast before exchanging vows on her graduation day. How freaking romantic is that?!

But let’s look at the irony of Facebook and Mark’s personal life. Facebook was created to share your personal life with just about everyone on Facebook. It allows you to invite your friends to events of your life: from a garage band in your neighborhood to birthday parties to wedding announcements. However, from what I understand, Mark met Priscilla on some fraternity party offline. Their courtship was primarily offline, unlike that of Kim Kardashian. Simply put, a person who made a fortune exploiting the concept of a social online network has nothing to do with it. No videos of their wedding, no pictures posted by Mark himself; just a reference to the wedding after the fact – so secretive, so private!

I understand the motive behind the secret wedding, especially when Facebook is mentioned on every channel, on every post this week, but suddenly “more open and connected” sounds way too overrated, way too selective, and way too inappropriate. We live by example, so Mark, show us how to post our private information; post a couple of photos of your wedding ceremony; show us how it is done!

Meanwhile, we keep logging on Facebook and sharing out innermost sacred events in our life with our friends and family, ignoring the fact that the owner of the website was not caught doing the same. He likes his life private. I like this irony very much, do you?

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Marisa Therezza

Why has Mark lost the fair chance to make use of Instagram to present his wedding photos? Smile

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That could be a bad comparison to draw but I can't help it: what do you think, did Pablo Escobar himself use the stuff he was selling to the Americans?

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No, who is this man?!

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