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New iOS App Can Translate As You Are Typing New iOS App Can Translate As You Are Typing

When you're looking for a good translation tool, there are quite a few that you get to choose from. However, when it comes to apps that allow you to take full advantage of the functionality brought by iOS 8, there aren't that many. Translate Keyboard Pro is one of those tools that can help you get the desired results quickly, while perfectly integrating with Apple's newest operating system for mobile devices.

Translate Keyboard Pro is a relatively new app which utilizes the 3rd party keyboard support brought by iOS 8. The application translates your words as you type them in, so by the time you are finished writing, your text is already translated, and all you have to do is press the Send button. However, it would probably be best if your companion had the same app installed, so that you get the replies in a language that you understand.

Translate Keyboard Pro is capable of translating from 30 languages into as many as 82 languages and dialects. Furthermore, the application also offers a reverse translation which will help you translate the texts and emails that you receive to your native language. The thing you must remember is that in order for the app to work properly, you will need to enable it and make sure it has the Allow Full Access option activated. This is because the application requires a connection to Google Translate in order to do the job.

Translate Keyboard Pro is optimized for iPhones as well as for iPads, but it can only work on iOS 8. The app is available on the Apple Store and costs $1.99.