Study English On The GO Study English On The GO

Studying English has become an exciting task nowadays as we can use our smartphones and tablets to accelerate the ease of learning a foreign language in informal settings. Why not to try using the new learning strategies on the small-size devices, which feature a network connectivity, multimedia functions for sound and video playback, and a touch screen for convenient operations?

There are a lot of possibilities to start learning English with an app. Busuu is just one good example of a typical program for beginners. It offers 150 of common topics and more than 3000 phrases, interactive texts, as well as dialogs with the native speakers. Well, what I really enjoy here are exercises to correct the mistakes made by other community members and, of course, my own progress bar!

Busuu app: Topic SelectionBusuu app: Topic Selection

However, there are still some pitfalls on the way of your language study. For instance, you have to keep the huge amount of new words firmly in your memory. For that, you will need another app like Lexicon, where you can type in new vocabulary units and sort out words into different categories. Finally, the app features some Quizzes to test your knowledge as well.

Lexicon: a Quiz for French studentsLexicon: a Quiz for French students

English Grammar in Use Activities By Cambridge University Press is another app of great use to strengthen your understanding of English grammar. It offers a large amount of materials: you will find information about use of articles, nouns, verbs, complex sentences combined in structured lessons.

English grammar in use: A pair of activity samplesEnglish grammar in use: A pair of activity samples

A core skill for study a language is reading. Learning English with New York Times features 12 lessons based on the most popular articles, by means of which you can master your reading skills. Each lesson consists of some comprehensive tasks, audio tracks with key words, different reviews, quizzes and vocabulary to remember. Once you are finished with all tasks, you can download Times Reader and continue your practice.

Learning English with New York Times: Some exercises' samplesLearning English with New York Times: Some exercises' samples

To sum it all up, as we can see, each app focuses on the development of some specific skills, be it reading, listening, vocabulary or grammar activities. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been created an ideal all-in-one app yet. Anyway, using some programs with different methods to study English may become an interesting experience and help us build a positive attitude towards the usability and effectiveness of such mobile technologies as language learning tools.