Hunt for a Dream Job Hunt for a Dream Job

The official statistics report that we spend about a third of our life at work. So there's no wonder that a decent job is considered key to the health of our spirit and good mood. It doesn't matter whether you are hunting for the first job or want to change your career, you should follow some proven strategies to succeed. To analyze the job market and get quick access to new openings, there are a number of applications ready to help you.

Job Search by Indeed is one of the most popular iOS applications that lets you apply to the most relevant vacancies. You can easily upload your resume to the program's database, customize it for each occupation and monitor how many employers are interested in your CV.

It's stated that the program enables one search for all jobs. For that, you just need to fill the What (enter either a job title, company or key words) and Where (detect your location: city, state or zip code) sections. Then you press Find Jobs and, voila, you get the current results. You can sort all the offers by relevance and date and personalize each search request.

In doing so, you estimate a desirable salary, an employer, a job type ,etc. You are able to choose among the full-time, part-time, freelance and many other jobs. Here you can look through the detailed description of every position and enjoy the advantage to apply to the dream job online via the app. Moreover, the Job Search allows you to read unbiased comments of other job seekers about companies and review them by yourself.

In conclusion, the app's search engine allows for selecting jobs among 15000 vacancies in 50 countries of the world. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? However, the program leaves your education and skill levels out of account when you browse the database. So you're likely to stumble on job recommendations you are under- or overqualified for. Generally, it is a nice free application for job hunters to keep their finger on the pulse.