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Spigen company will soon launch wires for Apple's AirPods

At the press event that introduced the Phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models, Apple also presented two new headphone devices: AirPods and EarPods. As you've probably already read on the Web, the AirPods audio devices lack cables. The Spigen case maker company will soon launch their own wires which can be connected to your AirPods, a solution for Apple product lovers who wish to minimize the risks of losing their new expensive headphones.

According to the Apple website, the current price for the AirPods is $159.00. So, losing one of your new Apple audio devices is definitely a pricey risk you might have to take if you decide to purchase the AirPods. Still, Spigen, a company that sells cases for media gadgets like iPhones, iPads or Android mobile phones, has announced that it will launch AirPods' wires in the near future. The acquiring price for the accessory will be $10. So, it's a cheap solution to prevent losing your precious Apple headphones.

The AirPods' wires will be available for purchase from October this year and, personally, I think it's definitely worth buying them for your new Apple headphones.

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