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Use Facebook at Work Without Scruple Use Facebook at Work Without Scruple

Facebook would like to pay your attention even at the office and become your working social network. The developers are intended to launch a new branch of the good old social network service which is reported to be called Facebook at Work.

The anticipated version is expected to compete with Microsoft’s Yammer or Office 365, Google business apps, and so on.

Good news is that it will cost you nothing and gladden users by ad-free feature, at least initially. For how long? Will see.

If a company subscribes for the service, its employees get a chance to navigate a private web site. Now the working process speeds up in documents sharing, chatting, and sending important information, and collaboration on the whole.

Working Social NetworkWorking Social Network

The new service will look like a habitual online page that we look through every day, but with strict separation of professional and personal information. Sharing the latter one is prohibited.

It's interesting how Mark Zuckerberg is bypassing the efforts of millions of employers (who have been trying to fight against Facebook at work for years) by giving the novelty such an eloquent name.

The service is going to face one more big problem: privacy. Let's not forget that a great part of users (and therefore potential users) consider Facebook’s privacy policy completely unacceptable.