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Will YouTube Block Indie Music Labels? Will YouTube Block Indie Music Labels?

YouTube is going to launch its music streaming service in a matter of days and the question now is the following: how YouTube is going to treat those musicians who refused to sign their contracts? Here is a refresher for you in case you missed the news.

YouTube has been a great platform for indie musicians to enlarge their fan community, but is the free ride coming to an end? We can't say for sure at the moment, but there are basically three possible outcomes. The first and the most sad one is that YouTube will completely block those indie labels that turned down their «indefensible» proposal and their videos will be removed from the free service once and for all. The second (and to my mind the most possible) variant, is that YouTube will prevent the labels from making money from the ads and the videos they upload to their channels. This will allow the company to continue pushing on its string and sustain its «democratic» brand image. The third variant is that the new music streaming service will have nothing to do with YouTube as a video platform and all the content there will remain as it is.

Come what may, but personally I would be very upset if they block this wonderful piece of insanity by Arctic Monkeys. Enjoy while you can.