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Facebook Live now has reactions, filters and more Facebook Live now has reactions, filters and more

If you're a fan of Facebook's live video broadcasting, I've got some good news for you as the company has just added several cool features to the service. From now on, you will be able to use live reactions for the broadcasts as well as see the live comments in the replay of the video. Furthermore, Facebook Live now also offers support for Events and Groups which will enable the broadcasters to stream their feeds to a more select audience.

Live ReactionsLive Reactions

These new Facebook Live features have been made public yesterday in an announcement published on Facebook's Newsroom. Here's a more detailed list of the changes:

  • Reactions - as I'm sure you already know, about a month ago Facebook added a feature called Reactions which allows users to do more than just "Like" posts. Now, these reactions are also available during the live video broadcasts.
  • Replay Comments - from now on, when you're watching a replay of a Facebook Live video, you will also see the comments that were made exactly as they happened in real-time.
  • Live Filters - those who broadcast live videos also have the option of choosing one of the five available filters and apply it to the feed. Furthermore, the company also plans to add a feature that will enable the broadcasters to draw or doodle on the video while it's streaming.
  • Support for Groups and Events - you can now go live on Groups and Events and only broadcast to the people in a certain group or the ones that are interested in a specific event, but couldn't make it there.
  • Invite friends - starting today, when you're watching a live broadcast, you can easily invite any of your friends to watch it with you.

Live FiltersLive Filters

Lastly, there are two other minor features that have been added: the first one provides the mobile users with a dedicated place where they can discover the live videos that are currently being broadcasted, while the second one is Facebook Live Map, which lets users see the geographical location of the broadcasts.

Live DiscoverLive Friends Invite