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Microsoft Rolls Out Instant Messaging App Named "Send"

Yesterday, Microsoft launched an instant messaging app dubbed "Send". The application which allows Outlook users to send short instant messages to each other is only available on iOS devices and just in the U.S. and Canada. According to the IT giant, the Android and Windows Phone versions of the application are currently being developed and should be launched within the next few months. Additionally, in order to use the app you need to log-in with an Office 365 or school email account.

If you're interested in what Send can do, I'll be completely honest and tell you that it does not do a lot. The app ties email addresses to names, thus allowing you to easily send short messages to them. Basically you're still sending emails but instead of the email address you use your co-worker's name and you can't insert subjects or signatures. As far as I can understand, this service is only useful for those messages that require an immediate response like asking if a project is ready or if a payment has arrived.

Microsoft SendMicrosoft Send

According to the company, Send is connected to Outlook and the email management service will save a history of the messages that you send. This means that you can start a conversation on the new instant messaging service you can continue it on Outlook. When you type a response, the original sender will see a symbol indicating your action so he or she will know that you're paying attention to the message. What's really cool is that you can create standard responses and attach them to numbers. If you're in a hurry and don't have time to answer, simply swipe your finger on the screen to write the desired number and the pre-programmed reply will be automatically sent.

To read Microsoft's blog entry announcing Send, click on this link.