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Nixie – a Wearable Drone for Making Selfies Nixie – a Wearable Drone for Making Selfies

Intel believes that wearable technologies is the future of the tech, that is why the company actively encourages wearable idea hamsters and developers to take part in it's Make It Wearable competition. One of the projects that has already made it to the finals looks weirdly astounding (or astoundingly weird?) and combines the three hottest tech concepts of the year: wearables, selfies and, naturally, drones.

Nixieis a small quadcopter with a camera that you can wear on your wrist by putting together the four of its flexible shafts. The idea is to allow you to launch the drone with a gesture so that it would track your position, take a photo and then come back to your wrist. If there was a superhero called Selfieman, I think, Nixie would be a nice addition to his secret weaponry.

To win the grand prize ($500,000) Nixie Team will be rivaling with nine other projects includingFirst V1sion (a suite with a built-in camera that allows to watch sport matches from the first person perspective) and BLOCKS (a concept close to that of a modular phone, but for smartwatches). You can check the full list of finalists at Make It Wearable website. Personally I would bet on BLOCKS, but we'll have to wait until the teams demonstrate their prototypes at Make It Wearable event which will take place on November 3.