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Charge your iPhone in your pocket with Joe's Jeans

Jeans is one of the most popular clothing items worldwide. Most of us are used to putting our smartphones in the back pocket - a habit which might not only damage our phones but wreck our pants as well. A company called Joe's Jeans has created a pair of jeans that comes with a special pocket just for your cell phone. Moreover, they can also charge your mobile device.

The special pocket for your phone is a bit above and to the right of the back right pocket of the jeans, which allows for keeping the phone out of contact with hard surfaces. You can place an iPhone or any other similar sized smartphone there and connect it via cable to the portable battery located in another special horizontal packet. The battery pack can charge the iPhone 5 up to 85% and the iPhone 6 up to 70%. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 Plus is too large to fit in.

Placing your iPhone in the special pocketPlacing your iPhone in the special pocket

In addition, the battery for the jeans is equipped with a built-in protection system to prevent over-charging and a LED monitoring system indicating when the battery is low. The jeans themselves come in four color variations: black, grey, dark blue and medium blue and cost $189 for a pair. The battery comes separately at the price of $49.