Childish English online Childish English online

The role of the English language can hardly be overstated since it's international treasure. No matter if English is your mother language or you have to study it as a foreign one, it always requires training to learn its multiple complex tenses and get accustomed to its polysemy. It's not easy to understand how one single word can have so many significations: for example, who invented to give different meanings to the word 'set' (up to 100 meanings as a verb, noun and adjective)? Anyway, English is a pluricentric language and we all have to learn and practise it as much as possible. For children, it's much easier to suck in knowledge while playing, that's why I found several amusing sources for them to check online and for free.

LearnEnglish Kids 

LearnEnglish Kids is the most colorful and flexible website that I came across. I think it deserves a separate article devoted to as its developers did their best to fulfill it with every possible kind of activities: grammar quizzes, stories, games and songs. It's easy to learn English and have fun. Spelling exercises, reading, counting, listening, quizzes, crafts, vocabulary enrichment, visual courses – you will find everything (that is usually offered for a great sum of money) for free. As for me, I still can't close the tab as the service is really cool and intuitive even for adults. If you'd like to discover extra options, register for the website and have fun!

Freddie's ville


Freddie's ville is a Lesson Ville where there are separate streets for Preschoolers, Kindergartens and 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade pupils. You will be able to teach a child to name people and objects, compose sentences, participate in dialogues, repeat actions and study English grammar basis. A lot of games are especially designed to train the speaking skills, solve problems and puzzles, train the memory and prepare for school (e.g. learn classroom commands). You can also print thematic worksheets right from the website. The service is also rich in colors and animated characters.

Cambridge English 


If your child learns English and you don’t know how to help him/her, why don’t you try the Cambridge English website? It will help you diversify the studying process and make it fun. First of all, pay attention to the ‘Activities for children section’. Then, select a level among (pre-A1, A1 and A2). The course is built as a set of video footages divided into several thematic sections (e.g. clothes, time, library, etc.). They teach your kid new words and expressions while playing as well. It’s not hard to study the language; the most difficult thing is to rouse interest. That website does.

Screenshot is a very complicated name of an extremely interesting website where you and your kids may study English for beginners fast and easily. You may learn by playing and assimilate something new together. You are welcome to study various sections like Vocabulary where you broaden your lexicon, Grammar to train rules, Expressions to learn new phrases and build sentences, Songs to entertain, ABC Animals to swot the alphabet with the help of 26 animals, Holidays to learn more about holiday activities and Printables to print some tasks out. Everything is made with skill and heart.

E-learning for kids 


E-learning for kids is a multi-language platform which is much more complicated than the previously described ones. It is mainly focused on the scientific studying. You might be interested in it if you’d like to know more about Math or Science, Environmental skills or Health, Language art or Life skills. What amazed me the most is the Computer skills section where a web tutor teaches your child to type and learn the keyboard. Kids will learn more about different types of relationships and code of conduct. I suppose you will spend some time on that website too since some nuances might be unknown to you.