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Facebook mobile app is draining the iPhone battery Facebook mobile app is draining the iPhone battery

Many iPhone users are complaining that Facebook's mobile app is killing their battery charge even when it runs in the background. Several reports suggest that the app drains the battery ridiculously fast, even with the features like location sharing and background refresh disabled. Matt Galligan said: “The app isn't 'sleeping' properly when I hit the home button,” which means that many of the users who don't pay much attention to resource optimization might not actually know that their iPhones are losing charge so fast because of the Facebook app. Facebook acknowledged the fact, and said: “We have heard reports of some people experiencing battery issues with our iOS app. We’re looking into this and hope to have a fix in place soon”.

As a matter of fact, it's no wonder Facebook is having optimization issues. With so many features that are being rolled out almost every month and all the other minor updates that help the company analyze user activity in the background, the developers might have lost track of the battery consumption. Thus, as Mr. Galligan says, “the above problem may not be an 'easy' fix for Facebook and the way their app is built”.

On the other hand, apps are getting more and more energy-consuming with time, it's sheer progress, and keeping the hardware capacity on sufficient level should be of primary importance for mobile manufacturers. If your iPhone battery is running low, you might like to learn how to charge your iPhone in a pocket.