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Hassle-Free Hotel Booking with Your iPhone Hassle-Free Hotel Booking with Your iPhone

Desperate for a warm weather getaway? Or packing for your next business trip? Anyway, if you are going away for longer than a day, booking a hotel is just a matter of course. Luckily, even so, the App Store has lots to offer, but which of its hotel apps is truly the best, you will find out only in this article.

Hotel Reservations by Booking.com

Booking.com is definitely one of the most comprehensive web-resources when it comes to traveling overseas. Hotel Reservations, as its pet project, helps you pick up your specific hotel among nearly 500,000 properties provided at your fingertips for hassle-free reservations. With it, you can not only find a perfect accommodation wherever you are, but also watch valuable information on secret or late deals and, therefore, get even more out of your paid stays.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight specializes in last-minute bookings and, accordingly, in a daily sample sale for the chicest hotels. The app aggregates all the discounts that hotels offer to fill empty rooms at the last moment pursuing at least any profit. Every day at noon, Hotel Tonight lists all daily deals categorizing hotels as hip, luxe, solid, basic, charming, or appropriate for high rollers. Each selection has a scrolling photo banner with all the important details you need to make up your mind.


Airbnb isn't actually a traditional hotel booking application, as it's mainly aimed at rental properties owned by individuals. People from across the world place ads on the Airbnb web site where they represent their rental apartments and potential rentals can book them or leave a review.

Hotel Reservations & Hotel Tonight & AirbnbHotel Reservations & Hotel Tonight & Airbnb