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MagBak – a New Way to Mount Your iPhone MagBak – a New Way to Mount Your iPhone

Alex Baca offers an innovative way to mount your mobile device – MagBak case. This time it is all about placing your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to any surface. This Kickstarter project has already collected almost 10 times greater sum than the one initially required.

The solution is very minimalistic, consisting of two parts: the iPhone case and an aluminum holder (MagStick). The set cost starts at $39.

The iPhone case consists of three layers, combining durability with comfort: the main structure is formed by the polycarbonate layer, the inside microfiber and the outer silicon layers are very device- and hand-friendly and provide shock absorption. It has magnets built into it and your device automatically aligns to the right mount position either in portrait or landscape mode.

Magnets within the case may seem to be a danger for credit cards, but the developers assure they are absolutely safe. “To be able to affect the magnetic strip on a credit card, a much stronger magnet concentrated in a smaller surface area would be needed. The magnets embedded in the MagBak Case are spread out and isolated by a layer of silicone. This layer of silicone is designed to keep the magnets isolated/distant when in contact with non-metal objects, but to compress when in contact with metal surfaces or other magnets for more secure mounting,” Alex Baca states.

The MagBak is to be shipped starting from May this year. You can preorder it from Kikstarter.