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Meet Revols – custom fitted wireless earphones Meet Revols – custom fitted wireless earphones

Most audiophiles prefer headphones over earphones because of the richer output sound quality, better noise isolation and comfort; but sometimes, when going on a run for instance, even the most devoted headphones lovers would prefer using earphones or earbuds that won't fall out the first time you lose your footing. Moreover, with active listening systems and other technologies that are being implemented into the small earphones, the gap in sound quality is becoming narrower each year. Nevertheless, the reason why some prefer headphones over earphones sometimes has nothing to do with the sound quality. My personal reason for not liking earphones is my left ear, which spits out anything I try to put inside, and no, the earbuds don't last longer that a minute either. If your ears are as hostile to earbuds as mine, be sure to check out Revols - earphones that mold to the shape of your ears.

A Montreal-based startup created a pair of custom-fit bluetooth earbuds that won't cost you a fortune. The earphones come with an accompanying app and a pair of gel-filled molding tips that you put inside your ears, wait until they fit nicely to the shape and then start the molding process through the app and wait for 60 seconds until the tips harden. Here you go – a pair of custom-fit earphones. The app also has a feature called Adjustable Soundscape that allows “you to control the amount of surrounding noise played back over your music” making use of the two mics mounted on each ear. The Revols are made in association with Onkyo, so you may rest assured that the sound quality is fine. The wireless headphones are equipped with a battery sufficient to provide you with 8 hours of playtime, and there is also a removable battery extender that will give you 6 extra hours.

Revols earphones will cost $300 after the release and although the Kickstarter campaign has already tripled the initial goal of $100,000, you can still back the project and get the Kickstarter Special bundle for $199, which includes a pair of Revols earphones; 2 sets of molding tips; a carrying case; a battery extender and a couple of additional goodies. If that's still too much, you might wish to learn how to boost low-end headphones.