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Meet Unrol.Me, the app that helps you keep your inbox clean Meet Unrol.Me, the app that helps you keep your inbox clean

As I've said before, "free" stuff on the Internet always comes at a price. Most often, whenever you sign up for a promotion to receive a discount or even a free product, your email will get spammed with all kinds of "important" news and notifications from the company that came up with the offer. After a while, these subscriptions become a real problem, cluttering your email and making important messages harder to find. Those who use laptops or desktops have a number of services to help them with this problem (as I've already shown in my previous "Best tools to help you sort out your emails" article). However, up until now, there were very few effective apps dedicated to this purpose. Unroll.Me is a recently launched, free iOS application that can help you quickly organize your Inbox.

The app uses a Tinder-like method to help you sort through your subscriptions. Basically, all you have to do is to log into your email account through Unroll.Me and the app will display a list with all the subscriptions you currently have. Now, simply swipe left whenever you see an entry that doesn't interest you, and the application will automatically unsubscribe you. Compatibility shouldn't really be an issue as the app supports most of the popular email services: Outlook.com (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, etc.


Furthermore, the app also possesses a learning algorithm which makes it capable of understanding the things that you're interested in and moving them to the top of your email list. This feature, called Rollup, requires you to use the app for a while and swipe up for the emails that should be prioritized. Once it has gathered enough data, Unroll.Me will automatically move the emails that you care about into the Rollup section leaving the rest in your regular Inbox.