Riding a Solarbike Is Fun Riding a Solarbike Is Fun

We've all seen a dozen of "smart" and electric bikes already, but there is no actual trend, really. Are you riding one? I'm still on a multi-speed bike and don't feel the urge to switch; nevertheless, there are some innovative models out there, like The Solarbike. The beauty of The Solarbike is that the rider doesn't have to look for a special place to charge the bike in, nor is he/she required to carry around a special gadget for the purpose. 

The Solarbike gets energy from the Sun while not in use and is able to turn that energy into speed by transmitting it to the motor when you are on the go. All things considered, it's quite amazing that it still looks like a regular bike. The inventor, who is residing in Copenhagen, also claims that the battery capacity can store energy sufficient for (up to?) 70km, the solar cells are "highly efficient&shadow optimized" and can provide 2-25km per day. The speed can also be adjusted and can reach 50km/hour whereas the standard speed is considered to be 25km/hour.

Are we going to see a Kickstarter- Indiegogo- type campaign sometime soon? Maybe.


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We need the solar system bike at the local market at a very very cheep price so we could appreciate the moment!

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