Save Your Time While Searching in Google Save Your Time While Searching in Google

Every user of the Google search engine is familiar with its instant search feature to show the list of matching pages simultaneously with typing the phrase. However, there are some requests, the answers to which you can get right on the Google page without proceeding to other websites. Surely, you shouldn't expect this result to be rich in details, still it is an excellent solution if you are in a hurry and every minute makes sense. So, if you now have a little time to learn several Google tricks, keep reading.

Finances: currency converter, stock statistics

Easily access the stocks infrormation at GoogleEasily access the stocks infrormation

It is not necessary to search for a special website to convert 10 dollars to Indonesian rupiah. Just type 10 usd to idr and the answer that it is 117 647.059 will not keep you waiting. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with all existing currencies, only with the popular ones, still the probability of success is rather high. Another finances-related query can be the name of the stock symbol. You will be immediately given the accurate statistics from where its price and the long-term history can be accessed. Note, that this works with the English Google interface, in other case you may be returned irrelevant or even ridiculous results.

Weather and time

Weather and time at Google searchCheck the local time

This information is probably the most requested ever, thus it is quite reasonable for it to be elementary accessed. Not to miss the sunset in Phuket, type the obvious phrase sunset Phuket, or time Phuket to check the exact local time. Ah, and to be sure that the weather also won't surprise you, type weather Phuket and explore the detailed weekly forecast.

Flight information

Flight informationFlight information: time, terminals, gates

If everything mentioned above seems primitive to you, then what about tracking the particular flight or checking the tomorrow's flights to the selected destination? To find out when and to which terminal the plane arrives, simply type the flight number and company; if you want to learn about the air service between, say Glasgow to Moscow, simply type flights from Glasgow to Moscow and the list of possible airlines and routes will appear.

Almost Wikipedia

Almost WikipediaGet the info about countries and cities

Met a new word and need to quickly find its meaning? It is not necessary to browse Wikipedia or dig complicated online dictionaries for the brief explanation. Search for define word and Google will return several sentences of its definition. Moreover, by following similar easy steps you can acquire some economy and geography knowledge. Type the characteristic, add the name of the city/state/country and voila! You can get instant results for map, population, life expectancy compared to other countries, unemployment dynamics, etc.

Unit converters

Unit converters at GoogleUnit converter

I truly enjoy this feature because Google can not only convert between various units (unit to unit), but also perform some uncomplicated mathematical operations with them. For example, if you type 35 kilograms plus 40 pounds, you will receive the result in kilograms (it's around 53 kilos, by the way). To mention, the built-in converter is very convenient: from its 'window' you can access all the physical quantities and their measurement units.

Learn your IP

The last trick I'd like to conclude with is the simplest one. There are plenty of web pages that allow you to learn what your IP address is; however, if you don't need anything except numbers, just search for what is my IP, and ta-da!

Do you use any other search engine apart from Google?



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