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Wickr Helps You Mask Private Facebook Photos With Cat Images

Cats have always been suspiciously omnipresent on the Internet world, but from now on images of cats aren't only cute but also a sneaky way to send hidden messages to certain friends. Wickr has launched a service which enables its users to mask sensitive images shared on Facebook "behind" pictures of cats. Sly, isn't it?

Let's start from the beginning. Wickr is an app which lets its users share messages, images, videos, etc. What's special about this application is that it uses end-to-end encryption so your anonymity is completely protected at all times and the posts self-destruct after a specified amount of time.

Now, Wickr has extended its functionality and enables the users to share private pictures on Facebook without them having to worry that the wrong friend might peak at it. The Wicker Time Feed (WTF) feature uses stenography techniques to hide your photos within images of cats. What you do is open the Wickr app on your phone and choose the image that you want to share from your gallery. Then you add a text and a name, select the friends that can see the actual content and then choose the Share on Facebook option. In order to see the hidden picture (instead of the cat photo that everyone sees), your friends will have to tap the Facebook image, open it using the Wickr app and the application will automatically decode it.

At the moment, the WTF feature is only available for iOS devices.