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Amazon Prime users now have an 'Outift Compare' feature Amazon Prime users now have an 'Outift Compare' feature

There's a new reason for people who buy things from Amazon to become a Prime subscriber: the company's premium users now have tool at their disposal called Outfit Compare that tells them which clothes look good on them. Who would have thought that we'll be getting our fashion advice from Amazon? The feature is already available on iOS for both Prime and regular users. Outfit Compare is coming to Android as well, but it won't be available for free.

The Oufit Compare featureThe Outfit Compare feature

In case you're wondering how it works, it's actually quite simple: you upload two pictures of yourself wearing different outfits into the app and one of Amazon's fashion advisers tells you which one looks better. To upload the photos launch the app, then go to the Programs and Feature section and choose Outfit Compare. For the best results possible, it is recommended that you take the two pictures in similar lighting and background conditions. The advisers will answer with "Definitely pick this one", "We like this better" or "It was a close call", so you don't need to worry about them insulting you or your clothes and you will also be able to tell how difficult the decision was. According to Amazon, the consultant will take into account how well the outfit fits you, which colors work best on you and what's currently trending.

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