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Instagram reportedly trying out mid-roll ads for Stories

It's been reported that Instagram is now testing the introduction of mid-roll video ads within Stories. This change is seen as a way for the users who distribute their clips as well as Instagram's parent company - Facebook to make profits from sharing videos. Considering Instagram revealed back in October that Stories generated 100 million daily views, it's no surprise the photo sharing company will increase its profit with the promotional content.

The news came immediately after Facebook announced on Monday that it's trying to include mid-roll ads in their clips. These commercials would appear within the videos after users have played them for at least 20 seconds. Instagram plans to make the same move by adding commercials within Stories, slideshows containing the pictures you share during the course of a day.

Some users fear that this change will ruin their viewing experience on both Instagram and Facebook. Still, other major social networking services, such as Twitter or Snapchat, include ads in their clips as well and the number of active users keeps increasing.

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